he importance of a beautiful bathroom is a sound interior design strategy.

Often, it seems, bathrooms are perceived asa secondary place in a house design, a receive little attention. Architects and interior designers will always stress that bathrooms are a space to take care of yourself, and an important sales point. They should be a space of peace, tranquillity and functionality, yet, surprise visitors.

A bathroom is a key room to any home, it serves as both a functional area, and a place to relax. It is also about taking the opportunity to play with design and colour. They should be an inviting space, not a purely functional area.

When choosing the colour and style of sanitaryware and tiles, they are an important element in the visual impact and decoration of that interior. Try to combine the colour of the tiles on the walls and the tiles on the floor. They do not need to be the same colour, sometimes the contrast is the best option, but in any case, see it as a whole.

If you choose a modernist untreated concrete finish, the colour and texture will have an impact on the overall design. It can be rather dull, therefore accent lighting – natural or artificial – with accents of colour (even black is a colour), in the tiles, paint finishes or fittings, will give that room a design focus.

From natural stone to synthetic materials, the décor options today are endless. However, be aware of creating a bathroom design that’s likely to date quickly, as refurbishing these interiors can be pricey, unless it’s just paint that you change. Moving baths, toilets, showers, plumbing and electrics will not only eat your budget, but take days to execute.

An important consideration is ventilation. Bathrooms needs to be aired as mould and mildew will develop quickly. If you don’t have a through-flow of natural air, consider air-conditioning or an extractor. They are damp areas that need to dry out thoroughly. In colder climates, they’re often centrally heated. Heated towel rails are also an option.

Never forget the importance of storage – at least have a basin/cupboard combination. You’ll have numerous things to store away, which often won’t fit onto basin tops. If you have a linen cupboard elsewhere in the house, towels can be stored there, but you’ll need more than that. There are toiletries, cosmetics, and an assortment of other things you’ll want on hand in your bathroom. Apart from cupboards, you can always include baskets which are available in an assortment of materials, from steel to grass and wood. In fact, storage is critical in your entire home – even an outside shed for gardening equipment.

As with the décor in the rest of your home, your bathroom is also a place where you can play with textiles, yes, your towels and curtains. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous. While plain white is a universal standard, colour and texture can be used – especially if the background, walls, floors and tiles, are quite neutral.

I believe that bathrooms should be kept as simple as possible. They’re often quite small, and unless you want to create a heavily-ornate boudoir, the simpler the better.

Aug 17, 2020

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