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Visit Stellenbosch Initiative

‘Visit Stellenbosch’ launches initiative to drive recovery of local business.

Inspired by ancient ruins, Frankie Pappas crafts a green-roofed, brick guesthouse that connects deeply with nature.

Hidden amidst the dense trees of a private reserve in Waterberg, South Africa, is a long, narrow building that appears to grow from a steep cliff out into the treetops. Crafted from local brick that evokes the sandstone rock face and capped with a green roof, the House of the Tall Chimneys is a guesthouse by Johannesburg-based architecture studio Frankie Pappas that celebrates a visceral connection with nature.

Bathrooms Can Be Beautiful

The importance of a beautiful bathroom is a sound interior design strategy.

Willem Boshoff: Word Artist

He is one of South Africa’s foremost conceptual artists with a career spanning more than thirty years. Boshoff works in a variety of media which includes; sculpture, installation, performance and printmaking.

The Heart of the Home

Perfecting your kitchen design is a big and exciting job – and can be expensive too. Hours can be spent dwelling over ‘mood boards’ and design variations, and there's no denying that it can get stressful.

Downtown Urbanism and Subtle Sophistication

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that there are bohemian elements to Joburg shopping, and one of the most established precincts is 44 Stanley in Milpark, a mixed-use development that fuses downtown urbanism with a subtle sophistication.

Tiny House Movement

I’ve been fascinated by the ‘tiny house movement’ for a number of years, and first saw them on the Dwell website, where examples were popping up around the world - probably because it really just makes sense. The tiny home lifestyle is the ultimate of creative resourcefulness, and allows homeowners to reduce their environmental footprints without sacrificing good design.